Jim Cain

I bring to Ashe County an educational, work and accomplishment list spanning more than 30 years. I also bring a reputation built during that time as a Manager, Director, Leader, and Commander who understands and uses appropriate technologies, is not afraid to ask questions to determine the facts, and actively works to solve problems. I have been repeatedly called upon to do things that others couldn’t at the State, National, and International levels. Ask me when you see me.

I believe these personal attributes and the education, skills, and experiences that created them make me the Commissioner candidate of choice. Let me explain:


Bachelor of Science Degree, Political Science; Bachelor of Arts Degree, History (cum Laude)

Master of Science Degree, International Relations; Master of Science equivalent, National Security Policy, from The National War College

Diploma, Federal Executive Institute for Leadership in a Democratic Society, the prerequisite for Senior Executive Service positions. My educational base is strong

Work Experience

Twenty-six years with the Army as an Intelligence Officer and a civilian Intelligence Specialist gave me leadership, team building and interpersonal people skills rivaled by few. I am a four-tour Vietnam War veteran with two Bronze Stars, have seen more than my fair share of combat while serving as an advisor to the South Vietnamese Army and my proven leadership skills put men in harm’s way and brought them back alive, a proud moment for me.

I have been very fortunate to have lived, worked and studied all over the world, which opened my mind to other cultures, countries, experiences, and ideas. As a Native American( White Earth Band, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe) (Ojibway), my proudest personal achievements were the six years I worked as first, a Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary, Indian Affairs and then as the Director, Office of Management and Administration for the entire 14,000 person Bureau, managing all day to day operations except Indian Education.

The variety of problems I dealt with daily should sound very familiar to Ashe County residents, the difference was that these problems were for nearly all the 563 Federally recognized Indian tribes and Alaska Natives in the continental US and Alaska Natives. These problems were:

  1. Unemployment and underemployment

  2. Access to education that would lead to good paying jobs

  3. Inadequate or non-existent medical care and facilities

  4. Drug and alcohol dependency

  5. Sub-standard or lack of affordable housing across the age spectrum

  6. Inadequate automation and cell phone coverage on nearly every reservation.

  7. The need to develop small businesses and entrepreneurs

  8. Work to make Indian Reservations and Alaska Native villages true tourist destinations with the jobs and opportunities tourism brings

I would like to take my experience in all those areas and translate it to this part of rural America since we are more alike than different.

I also spent 10 years working for Computer Sciences Corporation doing Business Process Re-engineering in their Federal Consulting Center and another eight years managing all new business development in the Departments of Interior and Agriculture plus two major international development projects worth millions of dollars.

For the last 15 years I have concentrated on assisting and developing small businesses around the country as well as owning two of my own.

In closing just let me say that I don’t just “talk the talk”.  I can and have performed, and am confident I can bring a new look, new experiences and skills to the position of County Commissioner. Thank you for taking the time to read about me.