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Wesley Harris, Candidate for State Treasurer
Guest Speaker at FDR Dinner

It's not every day that a candidate for State Treasurer appears in Ashe County. Rep. Wesley Harris (D), is running for the State Treasurer's seat and will be the Guest Speaker at the FDR Dinner. Wesley believes that it's time for the State to make an investment in its people. That's another reason to get FDR Dinner tickets. Find out more about Wesley here. Come hear what Wesley has to say!  

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Thank You Caroline and The Lost Province

We were so fortunate to have Caroline Renfro of Lost Province Center for Cultural Arts speak to the Ashe Dems on April 23 about the organization's vision for the Historic Lansing School where they are located. The building was constructed by the WPA. Lost Province envisions developing a strong educational component, including the culinary arts, as well as exhibition and hospitality options.
Find out more about Lost Province here.   

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Where did the term "Lost Province" come from? 

How did Ashe and surrounding counties get the nickname the Lost Provinces? Find out more here

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April 13 Litter Sweep

Many thanks to our hearty Ashe Dems who helped clean litter and recyclables from our adopted road, West Deep Ford Road, West Jefferson. It was a very windy day. But our team hung in there to help Keep Ashe Beautiful. 

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Ashe Dem Convention Highlights

We had a wonderful time at the Ashe County Democratic Party's Convention on March 16, in Jefferson. Fifty-four  people attended, which included precinct chairs and members, party officers and board members. Several videos were played highlighting Democratic Party accomplishments and our path forward for 2024. Candidate speeches were given, sharing plans and goals for 2024, and beyond. Many thanks to Chuck Hubbard, candidate for the 5th Congressional District seat running against Virginia Fox; Ben Massey, Jr., candidate for the NC House - District 93, and County Commissioner candidates Nancy Weaver Hoffman, Tanya Robinson, and Ann Rose. Lots of good energy. And amazingly, this was all done by volunteers and contributors like you!  See Convention Highlights here.


100 Year Old Democrat Gives Candidates Advice

We were proud to have H.C. Moretz, Jr., join us at the Ashe County Democratic Party Convention on March 16. H.C. turned 100 years old a few days earlier. H.C. fought for Democracy in the Battle of the Bulge against fascists in WWII, and he continues to fight for Democracy back home, by being politically active. H.C.'s granddaughter, Ashely Moretz-Elks, is following in his footsteps as an officer of the Democratic Women of Ashe/DWA and assisting the Young Democrats. She also knows how to fight for what's right. H.C. has some advice for all of us.  

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A record has been broken! For the first time in Ashe County history, three Democratic women are running for seats on the Ashe County Commission!  From left to right are: Anne Rose, Tanya Robinson, and Nancy Weaver-Hoffman. Read more here.  

Also, Ben Massey, Jr., is running for the N.C. State House of Representatives, District 93. Read more about Ben, here.

Impressive Turnout at Ashe Dem Precinct Organization Meeting

Over 40 Ashe County Democratic Party precinct members attended the Precinct Organization Meeting on February 17, 2024, at Family Central in Jefferson. This meeting was necessary to organize precincts and select delegates who would vote at the Ashe County Democratic Party Convention on March 16, 2024. The meeting was fun and interesting and provided Ashe Dems with Dem fellowship and the group heard from four local candidates, Ben Massey, Jr., Nancy Weaver-Hoffman, Tanya Robinson, and Ann Rose.  Here are some photos of the event.  

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There's a lot for Democrats to be proud of. Check out some of President Biden and Democrats' accomplishments: 


  • Lowering Costs of Families’ Everyday Expenses 

  • Record Unemployment - More People Are Working Than At Any Point in American History

  • Making More In America - The CHIPS and Science Act

  • Rescued the Economy and Changed the Course of the COVID Pandemic

  • Historic Expansion of Benefits and Services for Toxic Exposed Veterans

  • Protected Marriage for LGBTQI+ and Interracial Couples

  • Rallied the World to Support Ukraine in Response to Putin’s Aggression

  • Much more!

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Image 3-8-24 at 10.12 PM.jpg

"Get off of the couch! Democracy starts with you. Roll your sleeves up and volunteer with the Ashe Dems!" 

Uncle Sam


The Democratic Party is an organization of the people and for the people.  Everyone is welcome and we can't wait to work with you to ensure a better future for us all!  TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!

Today's Youth are Tomorrow's Future!

Click here for fun facts, coloring pages and cool videos.  You are never too young to make a difference!

Your Vote Counts!

Click here to find out what to expect, where to go and why your vote matters!

Thank you for voting!

Service Leaders Needed!

Click here to explore leadership opportunities in the Democratic party!

You can lead!  We will help!

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