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​We value a vibrant economy and economic opportunity for all Americans. For a  vibrant, growing, and successful middle class to flourish, it is vital to grow the economy from the middle out and bottom up, which can be accomplished by:


Making smart public investments in:


  • Bridges, roads.

  • Clean drinking water and sewer systems

  •  Expansion of high-speed internet availability, especially in rural areas.

  • Non-fossil fuel transportation systems.

Creating public policies that encourage job growth that pays living wages for          every worker through:


  • Investment in local and regional manufacturing, especially jobs in green and sustainable energy.​ 

  • Development of training programs between community colleges and local businesses.​

  • Fully funding Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans           Administration.


Creation of:

  • Financial, and regulatory incentives for small businesses and farmers.

  • Entrepreneurship opportunities to foster wealth and economic growth.

  • A tax code that requires all persons to pay their fair and reasonable share of taxes with equitable taxation, especially for corporations and wealthy individuals. 

  • Fair and equitable regulatory policies to foster and protect economic opportunity for people of all backgrounds.

  • Reasonable regulation of the financial industry that protects consumers.

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