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  • Democrats believe in fiscal responsibility.  A strong economy serves ALL citizens, protects the middle class, and promotes growth and prosperity for people of all socio-economic backgrounds.

  • We recognize the importance of providing fundamental services must be balanced with available resources.  

  • Citizens should not be unduly burdened by taxes and the tax system should be transparent and fair.

  • We support programs that advance American industry and innovation.

  • We are committed to defending Social Security and Medicare and ensuring our seniors are secure in their retirement.

  • We support higher education reform that promotes the advancement of trade industries and gets our graduates at all levels gainfully employed with a decent wage.

  • We recognize that the American financial industry has been blatantly guilty of profiting from the exploitation of our citizens.  We are committed to fighting for consumer protection.

  • We value and respect small businesses and farmers and will continue to fight to protect and support their success.

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