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​​A universally educated community is a healthy community.


High quality K through 12 public education must be available to all, at no charge, regardless of income or circumstance.


Higher education or vocational training should be accessible to all. Communities thrive when people of all proficiencies are represented and educated.


Public education teaches and prepares children about and for the society they will enter as adults. That instruction must respectfully include ALL in our community. 


It is the responsibility of the community and public at large to provide fundamental services for our children while at school to ensure a nurturing learning environment, such services to include food, counseling, mental and physical healthcare, as well as daytime supervision. When our children prosper, our families and country prosper. We all benefit.  


Teachers and staff are professionals and are capable of profoundly impacting the lives of the children they teach. Such professionals MUST be treated with respect and reasonably paid. 


Parents and schools must be partners in teaching and raising our children. Communication must be open, respectful, and inclusive, for the benefit of the children and school community. 

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