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Ashe County Democratic Party


Dear Fellow Democrat,

What a difference the last two years have made. Since Joe Biden won the Presidency, and we held the US House and took the Senate, we have been able to pass legislation that has truly helped middle class families, retirees, veterans, and disabled people to strive. We have helped working families with daycare assistance and lower drug prices. We’ve passed an Infrastructure Bill, and the largest climate legislation ever.

We can’t stop now. We must get the Good News out, and help our candidates win this November, and we have great candidates! Cheri Beasley, former State Supreme Court Justice is running for US Senate and Kyle Parrish for US House. Our very own Ben Massey is running for NC House, and Beth Sorrell is running for County Commissioner. We’ve had a great response to our downtown Headquarters, but the bills have been higher than expected. We want to help all our candidates succeed. We want to run radio ads, print ads, handouts, social media—it all costs money. This is where you come in.

Your kind donation of $100 will enroll you in the Century Club for 2023. If you can donate now, it will help us win this year’s election. Times are hard, and some may not be able to contribute as much as in the past, so I’m making a special request to consider being a Super Century member with a $200 donation, or a Century Plus member for $150. All donations of less than $100 enroll you in the Booster Club. We plan to have a Century Club Social next Spring.

Thanks for all you do to help the Ashe County Democratic Party. Please come to our monthly meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Check out our website and get on our e-mail list for more details.

All donations large and small are greatly appreciated! Y’all are the Best.

Also, a reminder that we’re having our 30th Annual FDR Dinner on Friday September 23rd at 6:00 pm at ‘The Barn’ in Lansing. We will be honoring Polly Jones as our FDR Award recipient.

Democratically yours, 

Ralph Sorrell

Former Party Chair

Click here to donate or send a check to:

Ashe County Democrats
c/o Steve Panella

P.O. Box 521

Jefferson, NC 28640

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