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Dear Fellow Democrat,


Every four years we hear that “this is the most important election ever,” and it feels true. But right now things do feel fundamentally different. Facts are fiction and even the principals of free and fair elections are being challenged.

But 2020 offers us Democrats a great opportunity to take back the reins of power. Why? Because our ideas are WINNING ideas:


Everybody wants truly affordable healthcare and education, clean air and water for our children’s future, and good jobs that pay a living wage.


When we get our message out, we win! But we have to overcome the negative, divisive scare tactics being spewed by the other side. That is why we need your help.


In 2018, with your help, Ray Russell won back our NC House seat and helped break the Republican super majority, giving Gov. Cooper a chance to truly govern. But we’ll have to work just as hard to keep Ray’s seat and help Gov. Cooper win re-election in 2020. There is also a US Senate race in North Carolina and 5th District US House race, as well as local races.


The Ashe Co. Democratic Party plans to compete in all races from the Courthouse to the White House, but we need your help!


To win, we have to drown out the Republican noise machine and that takes time and money. We need your support today. Your kind donation of $100 per household will enroll you in the Ashe Co. Democratic Party Century Club for the one year. Donations of less than $100 will enroll you in the Democratic Booster Club for one year. All donations will go a long way to putting us on the road to victory in 2020.


Thank you for all you do to support the Democratic Party of Ashe County. I encourage you to attend our regular monthly meetings, held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at Smoky Mountain Barbecue in West Jefferson. I look forward to seeing you there.


Thanks in advance for your kind support! We’ll be having a dinner for all Century Club members and a guest later this year, time and place to be announced.


All donations large and small are greatly appreciated.


Democratically yours, 

Ralph Sorrell

Party Chair

or send a check to:

Ashe County Democrats
c/o LeVonda Clouse

389 West Sugar Tree Rd

Warrensville, NC 28693

  • Recruit great leaders

  • Support the election process

  • Promote educated voting

  • Share ideas

  • Maintain a safe and respectful political culture

  • Active campaigning for candidates


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Monthly Meeting

Ralph Sorrell, Chairperson 336-877-2136

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4th Tuesday every month at 7pm, at Smoky Mountain Barbecue*
(*unless location noted elsewhere)

Our meetings are open to all!  Bring your friends!  Come early and enjoy a great meal at Smoky Mountain Barbecue* (dutch treat) (*unless location noted elsewhere).

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