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The Democratic Party is made up of diverse people from all over the country.  As such, the values below could not possibly speak for each individual member.  Rather, the values below reflect important issues to ALL Americans and the tone and approach the Democratic party supports in working together.

  • Supporting Business

  • Taxes

  • Balancing the Budget

  • Regulation Reform

  • Supporting the Middle Class

  • Supporting Students

  • Supporting Parents

  • Supporting Educators

  • Higher Education Reform

  • Accountability

  • Social Security

  • Immigration

  • Minority Concerns

  • Prison Reform

  • Supporting Military and Law Enforcement Officials

  • Affordable Care Act

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Insurance Reform

  • Access to Care

  • 1st Amendment Rights

  • 2nd Amendment Rights

  • Voter Rights

  • Honesty and Transparency

  • Global Diplomacy

  • Climate Change

  • Sustainable Development

  • Clean Water

  • Global Leadership

  • Reasonable Regulation

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