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2024 Democratic Candidates

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Pictured (L-R): Ann Rose, Tanya Robinson, Nancy Beth Weaver.
See candidate bios here. Candidate webpage links are below: 

Ben is running for the NC House -  District 93 seat in 2024. Ben genuinely cares about Democracy and the plight of the working man and woman. He has been an active member of the North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) since the 1970’s. He is the First Vice Chair Vice of the Ashe County Democratic Party, a Delegate to the 5th District, and a member of the State Executive Committee of the NCDP.


Read more about Ben's impressive background and devotion to healthcare issues and community service at:


Frank Hughes brings youth, energy and new ideas to the race for NC State Senate - District 47, which is a large district that includes Ashe and Watauga Counties. Frank is a high school educator. "Frank is first and foremost a passionate and strident advocate for public school students, teachers, and staff. He is dedicated to ensuring that students’ needs are met and that they become active participants in democratic self-governance. He strongly supports access to high quality affordable healthcare regardless of age or income level." 


Read more about Frank at:

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A retired newspaper publisher with deep connections in the 5th District, Chuck Hubbard has a profound understanding of how Democracy is supposed to work, and how to go about fixing it.

"My name is Chuck Hubbard, and I am the Democrat running to defeat Virginia Foxx. You may remember Foxx since she was the Congresswoman who told reporters to 'shut up' when asked about her attempts to overturn the election. Well, I won’t shut up. I’m running for Congress to remove Foxx from office and flip North Carolina’s 5th blue. Share this and join me!"

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