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The Ashe County Democratic Party comprises a diverse group of volunteer residents across the County hailing from all walks of life. Conviction, diversity, and a belief in the Democratic ideas and the marketplace of ideas give us strength. If our values move you and you want to help make 2024 a Democratic Year, then join us. Find out how you can help by contacting



The Ashe County Democratic Party believes that America’s diversity and democratic ideals are among its greatest strengths. America can still be that shining city upon a hill and a beacon of hope for all, if we work together. Every person has inherent value and can achieve personal success if given a chance.


Our fates and fortunes rise and fall together. Working together as a community to create positive change will benefit us all. Though we may fall short at times in achieving our highest ideals, we should never cease striving for a more perfect union where no person is left behind.


We believe that the American Experiment is a tremendous one, full of hope and promise. Though imperfect at times, America’s basic ideals endure, through depression, war, threats foreign and domestic. America must continue to foster opportunities for people of all walks of life, near and far, with the promise of a better tomorrow, not based on fear, but on hope.

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