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My name is Nancy Beth Weaver-Hoffman. I live on a 3rd generation farm on Buffalo Creek in the Smethport community of Ashe County.  I graduated from Northwest Ashe High School in 1983, went to ASU for a couple years, got married, and set to keeping house down around Asheville.


In 2001 we moved our family back to Ashe County, where we brought up & homeschooled our 5 children. I am first and foremost a Mama; I am fortunate enough to be called Mamaw by 6 little people who have my heart. I am a fiber artist, a weaver, and teacher by trade. 


I am passionate about Ashe County and the people who live, work and nurture families here.

It has long frustrated me that the people who are living the issues are never sitting at the tables where decisions are made. Decisions that affect our everyday lives. Decisions made by folks who are out of touch with the working folks in this community. The people who are closest to the problem are closest to the solution, but no one ever seems to ask what we think! 


Somehow, I have been offered a voice with this campaign. I want to use this opportunity to carry these folks' voices, these folks' stories, into the places where decisions are being made.  Together, we can weave an Ashe County tapestry that works for those of us who live here, as well as those who enjoy visiting our beautiful hills and hollers. 


Ashe County belongs to those of us who belong to Ashe County!

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My name is Tanya Robinson. My family has been here for many generations. My great grandfather preached at Pleasant Valley Baptist in Grassy Creek and was a farmer in Grassy Creek, my grandmother worked at several factories here in Ashe County, my father worked for Vannoy Construction for many years before transferring to Adam’s Construction when they took over the road building from Vannoy Construction. I grew up in Ashe County, NC beginning in 1992 when I started 2nd grade at Mountain View Elementary. I graduated from Ashe County High School in 2003. During my time at Ashe County High School, I actively participated in the JROTC program during which I completed a vast number of volunteer hours doing various community service projects. I relocated to Fredericksburg, VA and completed multiple Associate Degrees in Business Management and Business Administration at Germanna Community College. I then went on to attend Strayer University to complete a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus on accounting. I also completed my MBA at Strayer University with a focus on global finance.


I brought my husband and my son to Ashe County, NC to make our home in 2020. In the time I have been back in Ashe County I have actively witnessed how the county has changed as a result of poor leadership, apathetic individuals in power, and jaded voters that continue to see the status quo repeated time after time. I made it my goal to get involved as deeply as possible with local government and local organizations to give voters motivation, place the power back in the hands of those willing and able to effectively lead this county, and bring light to the problems of the working class that have long been forgotten by those in power.


I have deeply involved myself with the local Democratic Party, Down Home NC, and the Public School Strong Initiative. I have canvassed door to door around midterm elections in 2022 to hear what local citizens felt were the problems here locally, I have met people where they are to fight for Minimum Housing Standards to protect the scarce housing we have from going into condemnation status, I have sat in on school board meetings to ensure that public schools can continue to be built on equality, diversity, and inclusion. I also have fought to ensure that far right attacks on public schools are blocked at every turn to keep public schools strong, effective, and highly favored. I will forever fight for the working class folks here in rural NC as they have lost the attention on both the state and local level.


Ashe County has problems that have been ignored to the point of crisis by the county commissioners. Those problems include lack of effective healthcare options, lack of affordable and safe housing, poor economic conditions as a result of a lack of living-wage jobs, lack of affordable and abundant childcare, complete deficiency in mental health services and drug addiction services including harm reduction, and so much more. I want to be the one that hears these problems you face and any potential solutions you may see as viable. It is the job of an elected representative to do just that, represent the will of the people. I intend to be that person that represents you and your needs.


For too long the government has worked for some, but never all. It is time that a candidate comes in that has experienced the problems and felt the anguish of being dismissed by elected representatives as if their problems didn’t exist. I will listen and stand up for the working class and those that have been ignored and dismissed for so long. They have denied a seat at the table for those that know the problems for too long. I am bringing my own seat, and my seat will be the people’s seat. I represent an open door, a listening ear, and a fighting chance for the working class, LGBTQ+, women, poverty stricken, and all other often ignored groups. I will stand up and represent all with fairness and transparency that currently are lacking in the county commission. I am running for County Commission here in Ashe County, NC because I plan to bring the fire to the mountains! It is high time all people feel they are equally and justly represented in their local government that has the most impact on their daily lives! The time has passed for apathetic and jaded reaction to government, and the time is NOW for leaders that will lead with knowledge, empathy, concern, and desire to improve the quality of all lives and not just a select few!

Read more about Tanya here:

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The troubled state of politics in the United States today is creating a sense of unease and restlessness among members of the voting public. Alarmed citizens are witnessing an unprecedented assault by extremist right wing forces seemingly aligned against the very foundations of our historic constitutional government.


The issues are clear, the threats very real. Serious challenges confront us, even here in quiet, remote Ashe County. The timing is right for leaders with vision who think boldly and act decisively, who have the audacity to confront those lacking vision and who offer only platitudes, stale ideas and failed promises.


One promising new visionary is Ann Rose of Lansing, NC. Ann is running as a Democratic candidate for a seat on the Ashe County Board of Commissioners. Ann Rose is a highly motivated and locally well-known social and political activist who has served in many roles and accomplished much in the 27 years she has lived in Ashe County.


For 18 years Ann worked as a registered nurse and home health care nurse in Ashe County, specializing in the field of critical care. She later served as project manager and grant writer for the Greater Lansing Area Development (GLAD) group and is currently an active board member of GLAD. She has been a successful businesswoman in both Lansing and West Jefferson and presently works as a dedicated organic farmer, providing fresh fruit and produce through the Lansing Farmers Market.


Ann’s extensive work experiences throughout the county have given her valuable political insights into the needs of the local population. The wisdom she gained during her years as a county nurse has helped her better understand how critically important it is to improve basic health care services, especially for low-income women and children. To address these issues, Ann proposes improving access to county health facilities for the poor and elderly. In addition, she would work to increase basic nutritional standards for children by advocating for the return of fully-staffed cooking kitchens in all public schools. Another health care initiative she would promote is providing free dental screening in all elementary schools.


On issues of county finances and expenditures, Ann would recommend the creation of an elected oversight committee which would critically examine the use of any county money in excess of $10,000 to avoid misuse of public funds. Other essential issues of fiscal management Ann would promote would be the expansion of county supported child care and enforcement of standard housing regulations for landlords and property owners.


On the all-important issue of women’s rights, Ann will stand second-to-none. Ann is a fervent supporter of women’s rights and would make this a central platform of her campaign. The Ashe County Board of Commissioners has not had a female representative in 15 years. “This is an unacceptable reality in the 21st century and must be changed”, says Ann. “Women must have a voice in county politics and I intend to be that voice.”

With the increasing volume of social and political turmoil nationwide, we need political leaders with the strength and fortitude to meet these challenges head-on and overcome them with a sense of grace and courage. We need leaders who understand that diversity in race, culture or style does not diminish us but, instead, gives us greater power over those who would seek to divide and control us.

 We need leaders like Ann Rose.

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